Why You Should Use a VPN?

why use a vpn

Do you remember how long have you got used to wearing a mask as you go to a public place?

A mask won’t help you totally beat coronavirus but it’s useful to get you away from being infected by it to the largest extent. That’s just why a mask is mostly required in public.

If you understand the significance of a mask, then it’s not difficult to understand the importance of a VPN. A VPN for your device plays a role similar to a mask for your body. With a VPN on your device, all your online activities will be well protected against online spying eyes, identity theft, being tracked, spammers, etc.

why use a vpn

Do You Have Any Idea about a VPN?

What is a VPN?

If you have no idea about what a VPN is or even never hear about it, then it’s extremely easy to estimate how long your online privacy has been exposed to the Internet and how risky your online data is.

Although a VPN is created to protect your online security and privacy, it’s been known and first used by the majority because of its function to beat online restrictions.

The Internet isn’t created equal. Not all online content is equivalently shared by everyone around the world. For example, Netflix is available for the people living in the US while it isn’t available for those living in China. If an American businessman goes to China for a business trip, then he’ll miss the latest Netflix series.

Reasons Why You Can’t Say “No” to a VPN

If you still don’t know why a VPN is a must-have tool for your device, the following reasons will tell you.

Public WiFi Should be Secured with a VPN.

Public WiFi is everywhere. No matter where you are, a café, shopping mall or an airport, whenever you open your mobile or laptop, a reminder can be seen that you’re allowed to have access to a public WiFi directly even without the need of a password. That’s quite easy for you to connect with the Internet and that’s equivalently easy for spammers or hackers to steal your private data.

Worse still, can you confirm the WiFi hotspot with a name “STARBUCKS” is really provided by the coffee shop or a hacker just to steal your private data via a WiFi trap? As you use a public WiFi with a VPN on, an encrypted tunnel will be provided so that all your communications between your device and the Internet or WiFi will be perfectly hidden with others’ knowledge.

Your Internet Service Provider Can Track You Online.

Since public WiFi is probably insecure, then never expects your home network to be totally safe. Your home network or WiFi is provided by your Internet Service Provider, or ISP, like Verizon or Comcast that gives you an IP address indicating your geological location.

Based on the IP address, your ISP is able to track your online activities and store your data that can be sold to advertisers who will be able to know your browsing likes and dislikes, browsing time span, and the websites you’ve been going through.

With a VPN used as you browse the Internet, however, your real IP address will be masked by a fake IP address and you’ll be able to escape from being tracked by your ISP.

Applications or Other Services Can Track You Online.

Apart from your ISP, the applications installed on your device and other services with access to the Internet are also able to track your online activities. You probably feel aggrieved but it’s you who allow them to do so when you tick the Terms and Privacy.

It’s troublesome and time-consuming to go through all Terms and Privacy of all applications or services. With a VPN used as you use the applications or services, your real IP address will be masked as a fake one that is able to be avoid from being tracked or monitored.

Government Can Monitor You Online.

Even if your ISP, applications and other services don’t track your online data, the government still will. Local government can force ISPs and application or service providers to provide their users’ online data based on the considerations concerning national security. That usually occurs in India whose government has banned many applications from countries the government feel suspicious about.

With a VPN used on your device as the Internet is used, your real IP address can be perfectly hidden to avoid being tracked by the local government.

Online Content isn’t Equivalently Accessible Everywhere.

Online content fails to be totally enjoyed by the whole world and restrictions are everywhere. Some applications are banned in some countries or areas such as social medial apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Some services are banned like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, etc.

When a VPN is used, all the online restrictions can be unblocked with your IP address masked and changed.

A VPN is a Must-Use Tool for Remote Working.

Remote work has become so widely applied with the spread of the pandemic that it may be a leading trend of future working style. In normal offices, data is encrypted because of the internal network framework built by the network administrators in the office. When it comes to remote work, however, company’s data security fails to be protected with so many external networks joining.

As a VPN is used for remote work, however, all staff’s IP addresses can be changed to the office IP address so that an office like environment is established with company data protected.


Apart from its features, a VPN is also easy to use. With one tap to connect, a VPN will instantly work, calling for no professional knowledge about internet technology. In addition, a VPN features such low cost that can be used without a large budget for both individuals and organizations.


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